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How to Buy the Right Industrial Swing Gate for your Purpose


Choosing the right industrial swing gate can mean a critical difference in safety. If your site already has gates, check if they are fit for the surroundings, and are well-maintained and working according to design. When buying new industrial swing gates, suitability should be your number one concern. As you may know, requirements can differ, mainly depending on the location of the gate - whether they are indoor or outdoor.






Regardless of the falling distance, self-closing gates are the best for working at height. Be sure to check the installation instructions meticulously or you could be endangering people’s lives. If installed right, a simple gate can stop a fall. Also consider weather conditions (for instance, humidity) and pick a gate that is made of appropriate material. Check this product here!


Site Access Point


If you install a self-closing safety gate at the top of a staircase, you can effectively reduce fall risks. Although created for industrial settings, some people use this type of gate in their offices or even in homes with kids.




By installing handrail and gates, you can create a delimited safe walking zone and use such a system to lead pedestrians in a huge warehouse in which there are machines being operated. This will help increase safety as people will only walk in certain defined areas. Read more claims about safety compliance, go to https://www.dictionary.com/browse/compliance.


Industrial Machinery Access


Swing gates at yellowgate.com may be used to give access to industrial equipment and machinery. Again, they can also help stop or reduce the impact of a fall.


Restricted Area Access


Industrial machinery spaces, testing zones, and other restricted areas may be secured with a safety gate. Signage must be provided to inform people of the necessary steps to be taken prior to getting inside.






Safety gates may be used for giving access to a roof or to help people find their way around different areas of the roof. When installed on a step-over platform, the gate will keep people from falling when they come for routine maintenance.


Ladder Access Points


Open spaces at the top of ladders can be very risky. When installed with the right safety cage, the gate can substantially lower the risk of falls into the open spaces. 


Roof Hatches


When roof hatches are installed inside a close area from the roof hatch, ideally with a guardrail system, a safety gate can keep people from dropping into an open hatch.